What You Will Learn

Our platform allows you to upload your own assets and use them in your scripts. All of our editors allow you to access your assets, but, depending on the editor, parsing and using the asset itself might be more or less difficult. In this section we will teach you a few ways how you can upload assets and import them in your scripts.

What is an asset

The easiest way to think about an asset is to relate it to some sort of file. Files can contain 3D models, images, sounds, videos, text, etc. Our 3D platform mostly deals with 3D model assets, but we also support other types of files like images, json, csv. Here is the full list as of this writing:

.txt, .bitbybit, .ply, .splat, .csv, .step, .stp, .iges, .igs, .stl, .glb, .gltf, .babylon, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .json

Ways of uploading assets

We offer two ways to upload your assets. You can either upload them to our Cloud storage or you can upload them to your Local browser storage. The cloud storage is related to your account and you can access it from any device. The local storage is related to your browser and you can access it only from that particular browser.

While Local storage is free and there are no special limits on the file size as it is your own memory that you consume, Cloud storage has some limits and you can read more about that in our pick a plan section. Local storage also can be used without an account, but to use the Cloud storage you must subscribe.

Keep in mind that according to our terms and conditions Cloud assets must be used purely for making your 3D experiences more engaging and interactive. You also have to have the right to use these assets. If you make your Projects public, your assets can be accessed by anyone on the web. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


Local assets are available accross your projects. Cloud assets are available only in the project to which you uploaded them. If you want to use the same asset in multiple projects, you will have to upload it several different times. Important to remember is that projects can have multiple scripts. All scripts can access the same Cloud assets linked to the project.