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Welcome to our online school where we teach our community members programming, parametric design and modern manufacturing techniques. Check out our courses and find the ones that You find interesting.

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In our school you learn programming & design by using easy, custom made web applications, which allows to compose algorithms into 3D models. Watch your code grow and make an impact. Design parametric real world objects by learning from the authors who also happen to be programmers building this very practical tool.

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Use our 3D programming environments that we have built to easily create 3D objects on the browser. You can use it even when you are not enrolled in the course. In our courses we use the same web applications to teach you programming, design and 3D printing.


Majority of our courses allow students to produce their designs. It is not mandatory, but we believe that manufacturing artistic designs triggers positive response cycle in the learning brain and allows course material to stick for a longer time.


Tangible nature of the produced objects allows our students to experience the joy of creation and see that coding can have a direct impact on their physical surroundings.