3D Model Configurators

Parametric 3D Models

Imagine stumbling upon a 3D model online that is almost perfect, but needs a few tweaks in dimensions. Instead of navigating complex software or shelling out for custom work, allows users to make simple adjustments by exposing critical variables through simple inputs. The procedural 3D model adapts instantly to your preferences, and you can export the final design in popular file formats like STEP, IGES, STL or GLTF

How does it work?

First of all, in order to access most of our configurators you will need to sign-up and subscribe to Silver or Gold plan. There are a few free configurators, but those are either in kids category or are very basic.

When you have an account, instead of seeing presentation page when you open the page of 3D model, you will see a configurator such as the one shown in the example below. You are welcone to adjust the properties of the design and then export it.

This video merely shows one of the configurators that exist on the website and while this one is accessible only after you subscribe to our gold plan, there are other configurators, such as this one shown below.

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