Bit By Bit Developers Platform

We have created a generic frictionless platform for programming geometry on the browser. In this section we will be explaining what this means.

The Need

3D has long been occupied by proprietary software packages that are specifically built for each industry. Sharing projects or 3D experiences has always been hard on these systems and usually involved importing/exporting millions of different file formats and mailing them across the internet. Proprietary file formats have also discouraged learning and understanding of concepts that went into those files. Most importantly - the majority of 3D experiences that were created have forever remained behind the closed walls of engineering, architecture or gaming companies. This discouraged learning as only "experts" had access to them and only the same experts were able to understand how CAD, CAE, AEC or Game Engine software functioned.

The Spirit of the WEB

From the beginning of the WEB you could open up any web page and inspect its source code. This made it easy for people to learn and share their findings. This bolstered a huge progress in countless industries. The internet as we know it was born and continues to serve oxygen of information to all of the world's economies. We believe that in order to create a true 3D metaverse people have to have tools that allow them to "inspect" 3D scenes and learn 3D concepts without any friction in a much more accessible manner than is currently possible.

We strongly believe that educated users of 3D experiences will become creators and innovators. The knowledge of 3D programming needs to spread and that is why "Bit by bit developers" exist. Our mission is to build blocks of code that allow us to easily create 3D worlds with your own rules and forces of nature. We do not try to reinvent the web or build it from scratch, but we want to use its best parts and standards in order to push 3D education and creativity forward.


Our platform consists of stand-alone 3D model configurators and three parametric editors - Rete, Blockly, and Monaco. Consider these editors as integrated development environments for 3D design.

Cloud services play a crucial role in enriching our platform with various features, allowing users to share their projects and experiences. To utilize our cloud services, you need to register and create an account at bitbybit.dev/auth/sign-up.

The third part of the platform is our school, where we offer various course videos. You can access the school by visiting bitbybit.dev/school.


Rete and Blockly offer unique visual programming features, while Monaco allows you to code in TypeScript. You can access 3D model configurators here, the Rete editor at bitbybit.dev/app?editor=rete, the Blockly editor at bitbybit.dev/app?editor=blockly, and Monaco at bitbybit.dev/app?editor=typescript.

Image showing Bit By Bit Developers Blockly editor screen

Blockly Editor

Image showing Bit By Bit Developers TypeScript editor screen

TypeScript Editor

Image showing Bit By Bit Developers Rete editor screen

Rete Editor

Cloud Services

You can create accounts, create private and public projects by using our cloud solutions. This allows you to persist projects, scripts and assets on our cloud services and share them across the internet. People who may use your scripts do not need to install any software, you can send them the link to your public project and they will be able to open it, run it and use the resulting models or other 3D experiences instantly. Because you have the option to make your projects public other people can access your scripts, learn from them and adapt your code for their own needs and purposes.

Image showing project editor screen


In our online school we teach our community members programming, mathematics, VR, parametric design and modern manufacturing techniques. We combine Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) in our tools and our teaching methodology. Check out our courses and find the ones that You find interesting.

Image showing Bit By Bit Developers school courses

Bit By Bit Developers School