Import Script From File

How importing works?

To import a file you must be in one of the editors - Rete, Blockly or Monaco for TypeScript. You can only import -rete.bitbybit files to Rete, -bl.bitbybit files to Blockly and -ts.bitbybit files to Monaco. If you try to import Blockly script into Rete, it will not work and canvas will be left unchanged.

How to import a file

First you'll need to click this button to open a menu with more actions on the editor. Depending on the screen size you may find this menu in a vertical or horizontal position:

Image showing the menu button to open more actions

Button To Open More Actions

Now you can click "Import" button shown in the image below:

Image showing the import button that loads script from a file

Import button that loads script from a file

Scripts that you import will be interpreted and contents will be placed on the canvas. You can then hit Run to start script execution.