Deleting your Account

You can delete your account at any time by clicking on your profile picture, going to the Profile information page and clicking the 'Delete my Account' button. You will be asked to first remove all of the projects in an automated batch process. After all of your projects are deleted you will need to log out, login again, go to the same page and click Delete Account to finalize complete removal of your Account from our database. If for some reason you can not delete your account let us know on Mail us only from the email address with which you are registered on Bit by bit developers Platform.
Deletion of your Account is immediate and irreversible. All data associated with your Account after deletion will be lost forever. MB "Bit by bit developers" will not be able to retrieve it. You agree that MB "Bit by bit developers" may keep the information in the form of the archived backups of our database. We will do our best to remove that information from backups if that is commercially reasonable after you express such intent to us.
If you delete your Account while still being an active Silver or Gold plan holder you will not be compensated for the remaining time period during which you will not use Bit by bit developers Platform. After you delete your account you will be removed from any mailing lists that we may have and you will not be charged any additional costs afterwards when your plans expire. If you decide to register again you will have to purchase a plan of your choice again. All plans expire immediately with the removal of your Account. It is not possible to reassign ol plans of deleted Accounts to newly registered or existing Accounts even if they come from the same email or third party authentication provider.
More information on how, when and why your account can be Deleted you can find in our Terms and Conditions