What is a project?

If you subscribe to our platform and want to use our editors to create your 3D experiences, you can create projects. Projects let you organize your work. Each project can have multiple scripts and each script can be created by using any of our 3 editors (Rete, Blockly or Monaco for TypeSript). You are not limited to the number of public projects that you can create, but, depending on the plan, there are some limits for private projects. You can read more about that in our pick a plan section.

Public projects

When you create a new project it is by default private. This means that only you can access it. You can make it public and then it will appear on our Public Projects gallery. This gallery and projects are accessible and visible to everyone on the internet. Scripts of public projects inherit the same visibility and are accessible to everyone online - even people that do not have accounts can run your scripts and use preview links, which you can share with them. This is a great way to share your work with the world and get feedback from other people. You can also use public projects to showcase your skills to potential employers or clients. Read more about the related terms and conditions in our terms and conditions.

Image showing the preview of a public projects gallery

Public projects gallery

When you publish the project your project appears on the top of all the latest projects. We ask our community to publish the projects that contain an image and scripts do work. This is to ensure that the gallery is not filled with empty or non-functional projects.

Private projects

Private projects are only visible to you. The scripts within these proejcts are also private and only you can open them. If you would send the url that you see in your browser to someone else, they will not be able to open your code.

Silver and Gold community projects

When publishing your project you are presented with three options:

  • Public - Accessible to both subscribed and unsubscribed public users. These projects are marked with green crossed out dollar sign in the public projects gallery.
  • Silver community - Accessible only to Silver and Gold community members. These projects are visible in the the public projects gallery, but their scripts are not accessible to the general public. Such projects are marked with grey dollar icon in the public projects gallery.
  • Gold community - Accessible to Gold community members exclusively. These projects are also visible in the public projects gallery, but their scripts are not accessible to general public. Only Gold plan subscribers can open their scripts.
Image showing the options for project visibility that are available when publishing

Project visibility options available when publishing

It is important to realise that Silver and Gold community members get access to additional algorithms that are not available to the general public. This means that if you use these algorithms in your scripts, general public will not be able to use them and scripts will fail to run. This is why in such cases we want you to publish projects only to Silver or Gold community members, depending on the algorithms used. You can read more about the related terms and conditions in our terms and conditions.

Read more about how to create and manage your projects in the sections of this category.