Auto Save

How it works

Auto save only works if you are signed-up to our platform and you have created a Project and a Script in it. Only then we have an entity in our database that we can relate to and update automatically. Otherwise you must save your work to a file.

IMPORTANT - We do not record history!

Auto save takes your current version of the script and if it is different from the latest saved version, it will save it blindly. That is true even if you have just deleted all your code from the canvas - new situation with empty canvas will be saved and old situation will be lost. While this is not ideal, this means that if you deleted something important, it can be that you can't go back to your previous code.

This side effect of the auto save feature is intentional, but we understand that no one likes to loose their work and thus we advise you to also save your work into a file from time to time. Or, if you decide to branch your script, just create a new one and continue your work on it with previous version safe and sound.