Common Editor Categories

Organization of algorithms

If you have already opened our editors you may have noticed that many of the categories overlap. This is because each editor simply presents a different way to code and use the same algorithms. For example, categories such as the OCCT, JSCAD or Babylon are present accross all the editors. This is because the algorithms in these categoreis are the same in all editors.

That does not mean that there are no differences between the editors and their categories. Some algorithms simply do not make sense in some editors. For example, the Blockly editor can create functions and variables, while Rete can not. Thus such categories are not present there.

What will be discussed?

We will provide explanation of common categories of editors so that you could understand what they do and how to use them. We will not be discussing each algorithm or component here, just the main points, starting with top categories.


We do not like to repeat ourselves, thus we want to explain the common concepts once - they apply to all of the editors. We will also usually provide examples in 3 editors - TypeScript, Blockly and Rete. This is to show that the same algorithms and concepts can be used in all the editors. Unique editor capabilities will be discussed under getting-started sections named under each editor.