Welcome 🎉

We are delighted that you are interested in starting to use our platform. On the Start pages, you will find information that will help you get up to speed and begin coding creative 3D experiences.

Are you looking for ready made 3D models?

Most of our standalone 3D model configurators require a subscription to our paid plans - Silver or Gold. The Gold plan provides access to all of our configurators and cloud services, while the Silver plan can be used to gain access to simpler everyday parametric 3D model configurators. Visit the 3D Models section of our platform, navigate through categories to find what you like, and then decide which plan suits your needs.

The list of configurators is constantly growing, so don't be discouraged if the model you're looking for doesn't exist yet. You can also submit a request to our team to implement something new. In such cases, we will carefully consider each request, and if it aligns with our mission, we will create a configurator for it. It's important to note that suggesting ideas for configurators does not make you the author of these applications; you won't hold any rights to the configurators, and you will not be compensated for these ideas in any way or form. Additionally, we do not guarantee that such configurators will work exactly as expected. However, you will benefit from the possibility to use that configurator, and we hope that is incentive enough. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Are you a beginner computational designer?

For beginners, we recommend heading to the Getting Started section of this documentation. Once you've completed this part, you can try using our editors to build something cool. Alternatively, you can visit our School and take more in-depth courses on computational design. If you're curious about the reasoning behind the existence of this platform, please read our About section. We also encourage you to analyze public scripts from other users on our Public Projects page. Reviewing scripts from other users can be very beneficial for learning and understanding the platform and its capabilities. Start with shorter scripts initially and leave the more complex ones for later.

Are you an expert computational designer?

If you are an expert in computational design, you may want to create your own designs using our core algorithms. If you are familiar with tools like Grasshopper, Dynamo, or Blender Nodes, give our Rete editor a try. For those interested in building more advanced 3D models and real-time simulations, explore our Blockly editor for visual programming. If you are confident in writing code or eager to learn, check out the section below that introduces this platform to programmers.

Are you a teacher or an educator?

If you would like to teach others 3D computational design, mathematics, geometry, and programming, you're in the right place. Our platform provides the tools for that purpose. While we recommend signing up and utilizing our cloud services, children can use the editors without any sign-ups or registrations, and it won't cost them anything. However, it's important to note that some of the advanced algorithms and 3D models may not be available for them.

Understanding the sensitivity of child privacy, we respect it by ensuring that children do not need accounts to use the editors. They only need to remember to manually export and import their scripts to avoid losing their work. Additionally, they won't have the option to share projects without an account. Keep in mind that they will need to host any third-party assets locally on their browsers since cloud features will not be available to them. Visit the Local Assets section of the Getting Started guide to learn how to do that.

In case you are already familiar with our tools and would like to become a teacher in our School to share your knowledge with others, please reach out to

Are you a programmer?

If you are a professional programmer, you can dive straight into our TypeScript Monaco editor. Consider taking a course such as Introduction To Programming 3D In TypeScript or Bitbybit For BabylonJS Developers to explore how our algorithms can be used to create 3D CAD applications. It's worth noting that we also offer NPM packages that you can incorporate into your own websites. However, these packages do not include our proprietary advanced algorithms or models available in the 3D Models section.