Welcome 🎉

We are happy you are interested to start using our platform. In the Start pages you will find information that will help you get up to speed and begin coding creative 3D experiences.


Beginners are advised to head to the Getting Started section of this documentation. If you already finished this part, you can try and use our app and build something cool or head to our School and follow more in-depth courses. If you are interested in the reasoning behind the existence of this platform, please read our About section. We also encourage you to consider analyzing public scripts of other users on our Public Projects page. Process of reviewing scripts of other people can be very beneficial in learning and understanding the Application. Try to start with shorter scripts and leave the more complex ones for later.

Teachers & Educators

If you would like to teach others 3D computational design, mathematics, geometry and programming - you are at the right place. Our platform gives you the tooling to do that. While we advise you to sign-up and use our cloud services, children can use the Application without any sign-ups or registration and it is not going to cost them anything to do that. We know how sensitive the subject of child privacy is and we respect that. Application will not lose any of its features due to that. Children will only need to remember to export and import their scripts manually in order not to lose their work. They will also won't have a chance to share their projects if they don't have an account.Also consider that they will need to host any 3rd party assets locally on their browsers as cloud features will not be available. Head to the Local Assets section of the Getting Started guide to learn how to do that.

In case you are already familiar with our tools and would like to become a teacher in our School to share your knowledge with others, please reach out to


If you are a professional 3D programmer you can head straight into our app and pick up the editor of your choice and try using the blocks of code to design your experiences. Our tool can be helpful when sketching ideas in code, previewing assets. You can opt in to use TypeScript editor and then port your code to your own applications or use iframe embeds in your websites. Check our API and NPM packages in case you think it might be useful to you.