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Link 3D models to product forms

3D Bits app for Shopify lets merchants present parametric 3D models and experiences scripted through editors. It gives merchants access to a theme app extension that allows them to integrate 3D canvas to their product page. Our app listens to changes in all input values on the page and sends them to your smart script, where you can pick them up and adapt the 3D model.

How does it work?

First merchants define their adaptable 3D designs on website, where they can choose one of our low-code visual programming editors or TypeScript IDE called Monaco. Then merchants can copy-paste the script to 3D Bits app block and link product variants to a set of 3D model parameters. For more details please follow the tutorials on our start start pages.

Who can use it?


We have tried to make the app simple to use for anyone and create tutorials for variety of situations, but depending on the specific 3D product, it may require special parametric 3D model scripting knowledge. If you would like to simply use 3D scans or ready made static gltf assets, that would be more simple and we believe merchants can do that themselves. If merchants do not feel comfortable doing that, we recommend merchants to hire a developer to help them out with the setup.

In case you are interested we can also provide a service to create the 3D models and scripts for you, but that is offered as a service. Please contact, provide us with details about your product and we will do our best to get back to you with a quote.

Our existing users

Our existing users will now have the opportunity to sell their products on Shopify or help other merchants in building 3D models for them. We believe that it is a great opportunity for our existing user base to monetise on their skills and reach a wider audience via this E-Commerce platform.

Shopify developers

Because 3D Bits app can be integrated into any theme that supports app extension blocks, Shopify developers can use it to create custom 3D experiences for their clients. We believe that this is a great opportunity for Shopify developers to offer a new service to their clients and increase their revenue. We also believe that this is a great opportunity for Shopify developers to learn more about 3D programming on our platform.


3D Bits app only provides 3D Canvas element with rich set of visualsiation and CAD algorithms, but it does not provide Graphical User Interface (GUI) system or backend services for your product customization. Our research revealed that most of the merchants use various third party apps for customization of their products, so we decided to keep our app simple and just adapt to any product form on the page via theme app extension block.