Introduction To Programming 3D In TypeScript

We made this course for people interested in creating parametric geometry and 3D models in TypeScript programming language. Follow these lecture series to understand how things work and how to achieve your goals.

Made For Beginners
Image showing TypeScript coding editor

Variables And Vectors

We will begin our journey by discussing some of the basic concepts of programming. Understanding variables and vectors is crucial for creating parametric geometry.

The Code

This is the code that you should copy and paste into the editor. You can also type it in yourself. The code is explained in the video.

const start = async () => { bitbybit.draw.drawGridMesh(new Bit.Inputs.Draw.SceneDrawGridMeshDto()); let x = 0; let y = 0; let z = 1; let vector1 = [x, y, z]; x = 1; y = 2; let vector2 = [x, y, z]; const opt = new Bit.Inputs.Draw.DrawBasicGeometryOptions(); opt.size = 70; opt.colours = ["#00ffff"]; bitbybit.draw.drawAnyAsync({ entity: [vector1, vector2], options: opt }); } start();
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Course lectures

These are all the lectures of the course. Navigate freely between them by clicking.

Approximate Time Required: 171 minutes