Good Coffee Table Configurator

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Introducing the "Good Coffee Table" 3D model configurator – a simple to use stand-alone configurator that can generate variety of smaller coffee tables with glass panel in the middle. We expose many important variables that define this table, such as the height, width and length, chamfer distance and more. Prepare your model and export it to STEP, STL or GLB files.
These are just a few of the variants that can be produced by using this configurator. Check out the list of the inputs that you can control to adapt this table to your needs.
  • Height - total height of the table from the floor.
  • Width - total width of the table.
  • Length - total length of the table.
  • Top Thickness - thickness of the top frame panel.
  • Top Glass Offset - distance from the outer edge of the table till the glass.
  • Glass Thickness - indicates how thick the glass panel is.
  • Glass Holder Length - glass is being placed on a structural holder, the distance of which can be adjusted.
  • Chamfer - the distance that controls all corner cutouts. The closer to 0 the sharper corners get.
  • Shelf Top Offset - the offset from the bottom of the top frame to the top of the shelf. Setting this value to 0 will remove the shelf completely.
  • Shelf Thickness - indicates total thickness of the shelf.
  • Leg Width - indicates how wide the leg is - can't be higher that half the table's total width.
  • Leg Depth - indicates the depth of the leg. Can't be higher than the distance till the glass holder edge.