Arabic Archway Configurator

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The design of the Arabic Archway vase draws its inspiration from our visit to Dubai, a captivating city in the United Arab Emirates, renowned for its rich tradition of decorative Middle Eastern art. This vase's core aesthetic is characterized by the repetition of arches.
Our algorithms have been meticulously crafted to enable the generation of diverse shapes with just a few user inputs. The resulting models, created using the configurator, can be brought to life through 3D printing. Users have the flexibility to determine the number of components to be generated in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Furthermore, customizing the profile curve of the vase is made effortless by manipulating a handful of control points within a 3D space.
If you have access to Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality headset you will also be able to configure the 3D model in your own interior space and experience the model as if it was real. We made sure that the algorithm is not too heavy for such a scenario. You even get the interactive sketching mode which allows users to easily move control points around in augmented reality.
Discover the limitless possibilities that our parametric 3D model configurator brings to the world of design and creativity.

3D Printing

We made sure that this model could be 3D printed and tested the process ourselves. We saved the model to STL file, imported it in to Cura, scaled and sliced it. We printed few variants seen in the video and pictures.