Dragon Cup Configurator

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Introducing the "Dragon Cup" 3D model configurator – a simple to use stand-alone configurator for parametric triangulated cups. Adjust few sliders and tune your cup to your liking. Hit export buttons to download the model and print it on your 3D printer or import in other CAD systems of your choice.
Multiple dragon cups shown in one scene all with different configurations
Small twisted dragon cup with single vertical subdivision
larger radius dragon plate design that evolved from the cup
sculptural closed up jar design with origami like feel
design that resembles some tropical fruit from another planet
Dragon Cup design is inspired by the triangulated dragon skin pattern. We made this algorithm to generate infinite number of variations and produce nice kaleidoscopic patterns along the way so that you would never be bored to try yet another configuration. This tool invites you to explore the possibilities of parametric design and 3D printing.
Parametric Dragon Cup 3D Configurator is a straightforward CAD editor designed to facilitate the creation of customized cup variations through the manipulation of key sliders. Users can effortlessly adjust parameters such as height, radius on the bottom, middle and top of the geometry, skin offsets and more. The configurator enables the export of files in various formats, including STL for 3D printing, GLB for optimal compatibility, or STEP for integration into professional CAD software. This tool streamlines and expedites the design process, offering a faster alternative to the traditionally time-consuming manual modeling operation.
tiny cozy triangulated cup design
kaleidoscopic dragon cup effect with twisting triangulated structures top view
While the proprietary algorithm generates the cup design, the configurator's user interface, as showcased in the accompanying video, is open-source and accessible to our subscribers. For a deeper understanding of its functionality, feel free to explore the provided resources on our website.
Moreover, the same cup algorithm is seamlessly integrated into our professional parametric CAD editors, such as Rete. Users can locate the cup component within its category, configure inputs, and initiate the design process with a simple click.
kaleidoscopic dragon cup effect with twisting triangulated structures side view
multiple cups and vases with different configurations and sizes in one scene side view
top view of multiple cups, vases and plates with different configurations and sizes in one scene
zoom in on one nice design in the collection of dragon cups with simple dress like triangulated structure
For those preferring the Blockly editor, a cup component and a draw component are essential. The cup component defines the shape, while the draw component translates this shape into a visual mesh representation.
side perspective view of the cup design that fits a basic triangle and has fantastic kaleidoscopic effect
top view of the cup design that fits a basic triangle and has fantastic kaleidoscopic effect
design that fits 4 corners and is square like
ananas like design with a twist
ananas like design with no twist
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